At this time of year i am always looking for inspiration, for new work and new challenges. Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes, from seeing pretty packaging on foods at the supermarket or going on a lovely walk with the dog and watching the seasons change around you. I often find inspiration in people too – their stories are often so inspirational that i am designing things in my head before we have finished our conversation. This is the way it was with Courtney Adamo and her lovely inspiring family. I have been following her on instagram for a few years and in 2015 her and her husband sold their home in London and set off to travel around the world with their four children. I really loved this story and have always had a similar desire to do something like this (not sure if we ever will but you never know). Their story was so inspirational. So once they had finished their travels i reached out to her and suggested creating some artwork to represent their adventures – and this is the result. It was such a wonderful piece to work on – full of stories that i hope the Adamo family can enjoy re-telling to people for years to come and hopefully inspire even more people along the way. All the best to them with their new adventures in life and thank you again for inspiring me.

You can read all about their travels on Courtney’s blog¬†and follow her and her family on instragram @courtneyadamo

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