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PicFrameHello Everyone

Sorry for the Radio silence but i have had my hands full with my little family. We are all doing really well and finally routine has started to form so we can start planning things again! On that note though it would appear that if I open my online shops on the 1st Aug as I had planned then our little boat will be rocked too far and I think everything will fall apart a bit (plus I am enjoying mummy time too much). Therefore I am going to keep my online shops shut for a little longer – no exact date planned as to open yet but I expect to open them again in Oct 2015. I know this will dissapoint some of you but I am keeping my galleries updated with stock – you can find them on my outlet page. The Red Door Gallery and Homer (both in Edinburgh) have the best selection of stock (including the new Scottish prints and seabird cards). Keep an eye on social media (facebook, instagram) and that will also keep you updated on whats going on etc. Finally I am not taking part in this summer’s Open Studios at Coburg House – I’ll be down visiting everyone with my little brood but unfortunately my studio door will be closed.

Thanks in advance for understanding – our babies are only little for such a short time and there will be plenty of time for work later so for now i am looking after them. xx

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  1. Velda O'Brien says:

    Hi Emily: It sounds like mumhood fits you well, I am very happy to wait to talk to you about business. I don’t have anything big to talk about, would like to ask advice on a few things.
    See u soon V.M.O.

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