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It has been pretty busy round here recently – a lot of work has been happening and Maggie is getting bigger by the day! Just wanted to show you some of my most recent work. Over Christmas i was approached by i-marker in Hong Kong to produce a design for their Chinese new year ‘red packets’. If you don’t know about Chinese new year it was celebrated on Feb 10th 2013 and it is tradition to give out red packets filled with money to children to wish them good luck and happiness in the year ahead. This year i-marker gave all their partners and employees these red packets with my designs on them. Was great to work on something quite different for a change – hope you like them!


I also was recently approached by a lovely lady who had recently seen my papercutting book and wondered if i could help her. Every year her children’s primary school organise a 10k run in rural somerset. She had been looking for a design to print on the t-shirts to sell at the event and raise money and came across my ‘March Hare’. She said ‘Your design perfectly encompasses our event; we have many wild hares living in the countryside around us and of course they are the perfect symbol for the run’ – how could i not help out! I would like to wish them all the best of luck with their event and if you are in the somerset area or would just like to find out more you can visit their website:


And just to finish here are some of my recent Instagrm images of what has been going on in my life – lots of baby snaps and of course a few of Mary! Hope you guys are all well!


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  1. Ting Ting says:


    I came across your blog during my recent search of different redpacket design on the internet.i am actually a red packet collector from singapore for almost 20years.your design of redpacket for i-marker hong kong really catch my eyes.really unique design.would like to check if it is available for sell because i don’t find any in your online shop.i am keen to buy one complete set if available.thanks a lot…..

    • emily says:

      hello – i am afraid i don’t sell the red packet designs and don’t have any to send – sorry about his. If you were to contact i-marker they might be bale to send you some. kind regards Emily Hogarth

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