The Mile


A few months ago I was approached my Craig Smith (who incidentally designed this website for me too!) about designing the cover of his debut novel! It was getting published into an e-book and i was so pleased for him – well anyway above is the design i did for him and i am so pleased to say that his debut novel has been so well received that it is getting made into a paperback and being launched in Edinburgh on the 21th November. If you would like to know more about his book or the book launch you can find out about it here:

You can also find it on facebook and amazon too!

People often ask me how i translate my papercut designs into a more digital media – well here is a great example – i created the illustration and then created a papercut version for Craig (below) and there was a digital version (above) so i could change the colours etc. Hope you like it and a huge congratulations again to Craig –  well done! x


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