Whitespace Animated Christmas Card

Hppy new year everyone – sorry its a bit late but i have had a very busy few weeks. After a wonderful Christmas break i was back in the studio working on lots of new things and lots of commission for you lovely folk! Some images of them to come soon. In the meantime i thought i would show you a project i worked on just before Chrsitmas.

Back in November i was approached by the lovely people at Whitespace about creating the artwork for an animated Chrsitmas card for one of their clients – Rio Tinto. It was a great project to work on and i loved seeing my illustration ‘move’ in the end. Below are some screen grabs of the animation (as i am still trying to figure out how to upload it to my website as the file is pretty big). The book opened like a pop up design and then lots of elements of the design moved and the box sprung open sending out starts and toys and Christmas magic. It was great working with the guys and girls at Whitespace and seeing how they turned my flat illustration into moving designs was pretty exciting too. I know Christmas has past but thought you’d like to see it anyway! Happy January!

rio tinto

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