Papercut Commissions


*April 2018 – Currently taking commission for Jan 2019 onwards, so if you have anything in mind for the future please do get in touch . x

Papercut commissions by Emily are a great way to capture special moments in life such as: weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, babies, graduations and many more. They can be as personal as you wish with lots of details to mark the occasion.

When contacting Emily please let her know what your deadline is. Due to the amount of time required for each custom papercut the more notice you give the better. Short deadlines can however be considered so please don’t hesitate to contact Emily about your ideas as she will make every effort to accommodate you and your request. When there’s a will there’s a way!

In terms of what you can have in a commission: the possibilities are endless. For example: names, dates, family, special places, jobs, careers, education, hobbies, interests, where people live or are from, holidays and any other details you consider important. Emily will work with you and help you gather as much information as is required to create the commission.

Once the information has been gathered Emily will combine your stories and personal details to create a very sentimental and unique artwork. As Emily doesn’t draw out the designs before she cuts them out, you have to trust her – there will be lots of communication before hand so you will have a good idea what you are ordering. Also, it is a good idea to look through the images on the commission pages on this website to see previous work. If there is anything you particularly like (or don’t) then let Emily know.

Framing is available but you should consider the postage. It is safer to post artwork unframed. Emily will not post any framed artwork outside of the UK. Unframed papercuts can be sent within the UK for about £7.50 and outside the UK prices usually range from £20-£40 depending on size and location.

Colour – Have a think about what colour you would like. Darker colours work best as they emphasise the finer details of the papercut but other colours can be considered.

Below you will find a price guide for standard sizes however other sizes can be considered. These prices are for personal commissions only. If you would like information about commercial commissions please contact by email for details.

Size                                  Unframed         Framed
A5  (8.5” x 6”)                     £150                 £190
A4  (11.5” x 8.5”)                £275                £325
A3  (16.5 x 11.5”)                £550               £650
A2  (23” x 16.5”)                 £850               £1000